3 High Protein Pancake Recipes you can try for Breakfast Tomorrow!

3 Pancake Recipes you can Enjoy without feeling Guilty! 

Ah Breakfast! the Meal of Champions!

Or so the saying goals right?! Something like that, at least. 

Either way, unless you are an Self-Loathing Evil Mastermind-Villan from a Disney Cartoon,
You Probably Enjoy Pancakes as much as the rest of the World. 

But usually Pancakes are a Sugar-Laden landmine
of Empty Calories, Excess Carbs and little to no Nutrient Value. 


Below are 3 Simple, Guilt-Free, Pancake Recipes
Straight from the FREE FitRanX Recipe Book,
“50+ Recipes from Around The World”

1. Protein Pancakes

For the Base you can use Coconut Flour or Almond Flour.
And Feel Free to use any Brand of Protein Powder you Prefer.
(My Recommendation is any protein powder  from mycrossfuel.com)
[Use “Instinctive25” for 25% Off]

2. Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

This one uses a Few More Ingredients, 
but Not much more work than the first Recipe. 
So in addition the the added Flavor, this one is 
way more worth it if you have the ingredients, in my opinion.

3. Puff Pancakes

This on is a little different from the Others.
But Technically Takes Less Prep Time, 
and has More Protein Per Serving than #2.

Now Go forth and Enjoy Your Pancakes without Feeling Guilty! 

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