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5 Reasons why you need to STOP trying to lose weight

You Have A Choice.

“You take the
blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember…All I’m offering is the truth, nothing more” – Morpheus, The Matrix

This quote from The Matrix, pretty much sums up what I’m about to share with you today. 
So if you would rather take the blue pill and continue to believe what you want to believe, then stop reading right here.
But if you opt for the ‘Red Pill’, then allow me to take you down the rabbit hole a little further. 

The term “Weight Loss”, and the “Weight Loss” industry in general, sets you up to fail in the long run. 

Why? How?

It’s not their fault really, they just provide what the market (You) wants.
Which sounds something like this, “To lose 10 pounds in a week, every week until you reach your target weight, without cutting out wine, snacks and without too much effort” 

Sounds about right?

And guess what? 
People pay for it, over and over again. Often the same people, sadly,  because they gain the weight back, plus more! 

Here’s why:
When people rush progress, they sacrifice learning healthy sustainable habits, for getting the “results” they want, often at the expense of their health, and metabolism too. 
I’ll talk about the negative health effects and negative effects on the metabolism another day. 

But for now here are my Top 5 Reasons Why you should STOP trying to lose weight:

   1) The scale doesn’t tell you what you’re worth
Unless your doctor says you need to lose weight for health reasons, the number on the scale affects your life in ZERO ways. It doesn’t prevent you from getting a loan, earning a degree, being a good partner, and it definitely DOES NOT prevent you from fitting into your pre-baby clothes.(more about this in #2)
Often, what the doctor actually means when he/she says “lose weight”, is improve your body composition (ie. lose fat) and start exercising! 

   2) You can be heavier and look better/smaller
Yes, you read that right. Let’s assume you are 15 pounds above your goal weight, you can actually be 10 pounds above your goal, or even stay the same weight, AND be leaner, look smaller and fit into the clothes you want to, all thanks to improving your body composition by lowering your Body Fat and increasing your Lean Weight (Muscle and Bone Mass).

You Have to Ask yourself....

You Have to Ask yourself….

  3) Being lighter doesn’t mean being more useful, functional or healthier
Hitting your goal weight, does not guarantee that you will have more energy, be healthier or be more productive.  As a matter of fact, how often do friends ask their skinniest friend (guy or girl) for help moving furniture? Never. 
If we think about cars as an analogy, trying to lose weight is like trying to be a Mini Cooper with a scooter engine, whereas Focusing on your Health and Strength will help you become a 2-door Porsche. I don’t know about you, but I rather look good AND pack a punch. 

  4) You can become obsessed with things that don’t serve a greater purpose
If you were a suitcase, about to be put on a plane, then yes, your weight matters, but besides that, obsessing over the scale does nothing to serve you. Focusing on enjoying the journey to improved health and fitness is so much more rewarding. 
I feel proudest when my clients think back to their first day or week of training, and they could barely do a squat, lunge, pushup (or even breathe at the end of the session!), but a few weeks of consistent training later, they are SHOCKED that they can do these moves that they never thought they could do at this stage in their life. 
To me that’s what matters most, building useful, practical Health, Strength and Fitness.


  5) There is a right way and a wrong way
Building Healthy, Sustainable habits that you can continue even after you achieve your goal, is the right way. Trying to minus numbers on the scale as quickly as possible, is the wrong way. Because what happens after you lost 20 pounds in two weeks, and you achieve your goal?
I’m willing to bet that after you stop starving yourself from what ever crash diet you were doing, you will fall back on your “less than good” habits, and gain the weight back almost as quickly as you lost it. 
I’m not here to tell you WHY you should make your health and fitness a priority, but I do hope that I can show you that YOUR Health is more important than Tracking numbers on a Scale.

If you want to track numbers, track body measurements, fitness progress, strength gains, mobility gains, blood test improvements, how many nights you slept better, how many mornings you woke up more refreshed…..there are so many more important markers of progress that are improved once you stop obsessing over the scale. 

You have a choice. And it's never too late.

You have a choice. And it’s never too late.

And if all of this still hasn’t convinced you to work on your Health, Strength and Fitness rather than focusing on Weight Loss, go visit a retirement home, and observe how many tiny (and lighter) adults are there. How many of them are able to get in and out of a chair easily? How long does it take them to sit down and stand up? How many of them walk without assistance? How long does it take them to walk down a hallway?

Do you want to be light and dependent? Or Healthy, Strong, Fit, Independent AND still look good?!

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Ryan is the Head Coach and Director of Instinctive Performance where he helps New Moms and Dads regain their Strength, Fitness and Confidence in their Body, Online or at the Instinctive Performance Training Studio in Oakville, ON.

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